8 Versatile Back to School Clothing Items


On busy school mornings, versatility is important when it comes to putting outfits together quickly. Of course, you can always set out clothing the night before, but most of us moms forget, so here are a few of the most versatile clothing items for the back to school season.

Plaid shorts: Whether you pair them with a polo or a t-shirt, plaid shorts are in this year and are perfect for when you need to put together a cute, classic back to school outfit.

Dark wash skinny jeans: Your child needs them. Jeans literally go with everything in your child’s closet and if older kids keep them clean, they can be re-worn up to three days in a row.

Long sleeve plaid button down shirt: The plaid button down shirt goes great with a skirt, khakis, shorts, jeans, and is suitable for everything from class to field trips.

Denim jacket: Sure, you can opt for a hoodie, but a denim jacket is so much cuter. It adds a touch of grunge to an outfit with a skirt and leggings and you can’t go wrong with denim!

Tiered skirt: Tiered skirts are the perfect way to embrace the coming fall months. They can be worn by themselves during the summer months and then paired with tights or leggings during the winter. Not to mention, brightly colored or patterned skirts make a perfect contrast when paired with a simple tee or blouse.

Button down dress shirt: You can’t go wrong with a classic, button down dress shirt. Get one in blue and white for each of your kids so you have a backup plan if one is in the wash.

Khakis: Khakis are the only pants your kid will ever need. (Well, maybe) The classic preppy pants look great with almost everything and are perfect for wearing to school.

Leggings: I can’t stress enough how leggings will save you over and over again during the school year. If school clothes end up being dirty, you can pair leggings with a tunic or dress as a backup plan. Not to mention how they transition summer clothes and make them wearable during the fall months.

What versatile clothing items are you purchasing for your child this fall?

Free Shipping on all Pottery Barn Backpacks!


If you’re looking for high end, gorgeous products, then Pottery Barn has you covered. And for all you bargain hunters out there, they currently have an amazing deal going on. Select backpacks are for sale for up to 40% off, and ALL of their backpacks are shipped for free!

They have four different sizes of backpacks available; mini, small, large, and then rolling. The miniature and small backpacks are perfect for elementary school aged children, and the large backpacks are perfect for middle school aged kids and small high school kids. The rolling pack is perfect for older kids who need something larger for a trip.


Key features include of Pottery Barn backpacks include:

  • Water resistant polyester.

  • Adjustable padded straps.

  • Small, Large and Rolling backpacks feature an MP3 player pocket cutout for headphone cords.

  • Exterior straps hold a Mackenzie lunch bag (sold separately) securely in place.

  • Exterior side pockets are designed to hold any of our water bottles (sold separately).

  • Mini backpack holds a snack, a change of clothes and a favorite toy.

  • Small backpack holds a lunch bag, two small notebooks, two books and a water bottle.

  • Large and Rolling hold a lunch bag, a large notebook, two small notebooks, several books and a water bottle.

  • Rolling backpack features sturdy wheels and straps that can be stored behind a fabric panel when used as a rolling backpack.

Finding sturdy backpacks that look stylish can be somewhat of a hassle, but Pottery Barn has a wide variety of well made options for you to choose from! Whether your child wants camo or a butterfly print, they have you covered.

To take advantage of this great offer, visit: Potterybarnkids.com

Pack Lunches Faster with Easy Lunch Boxes


For most moms, school mornings are a blur of lost shoes, messy lunch boxes, and forgotten assignments. The founder of Easy Lunch Boxes is a mom who deeply understands that struggle and set about to make packing lunches easier.

I have personally used the Easy Lunch Box containers to pack lunches for road trips, outings, field trips, and even picnics! (The best part is that these lunch boxes aren’t just for kids! Adults can use them too.) The nesting containers stack on top of each-other and fit perfectly inside the cooler bag. However, a single lunch box also fits perfectly inside a backpack!

They’re easy open kid-friendly lids, and while they aren’t leak proof, the lunch boxes are very sturdy. They’re also eco-friendly and don’t contain any BPA, lead, vinyl, or PVC. I love, love, love that they’re safe for not only the dishwasher, but the freezer and microwave as well.

You’re pretty much guaranteed easy prep and easy cleanup with this lunch box set! The function-ability of the lunch box set and washable cooler bag help to make your mornings a breeze. And did I mention they’re affordable? A nesting set of lunch boxes is only $13.95.

To purchase an Easy Lunch Boxes set, please visit www.easylunchboxes.com.

What to Look for in Back to School Clothing


Finding the best clothes for back to school shopping can be a challenge. Every store claims to offer the best deals and most durable clothing for the school year.

First, start off by figuring out what your children need. What basics is their fall and winter wardrobe missing? What essentials do they need? Any must have fashion accessories that your kidlets want to sport this fall?

Once you have a list of what you need to buy, you can start looking for the items in stores and online. In back to school clothing, look for durable material that will last for the entire school year, as well as affordable prices.

For pants, tights, and leggings, look for a fit that is neither too tight nor too loose. You want your child to fit into their jeans until their next big growth spurt. Pants that are too loose will annoy most children, and no kid wants to be stuffed into too tight pants! When it comes to the style of bottoms, make sure that you have an equal amount of fun prints as well as basics such as blue jeans, tan khakis, and plaid skirts with black tights.

As for shirts, fun patterns such as button ups, glitter tops, and vests can be mixed and matched with basic bottom pieces are essential. Solid tees and blouses pair beautifully with funky skirts, striped pants, and leggings.

Don’t forget to look for some fun accessories as well! Cute fedoras, bangles, and red belts can help you and your child create completely different outfits each and every day!

Nike Air Max 2014- The Perfect Back to School Shoe


*We are featuring the Air Max Boys Grade School shoe.

It’s that time of year again, where everyone is trying to get the one cent glue sticks in Walmart while finding the most comfortable, and versatile shoes for school. With eight kids, you can imagine the amount of shoes we go through around here. The one brand that never fails to let us down is Nike.

The Air Max 2014 is the perfect back to school shoe. With air cushioned comfort and durable soles, the flexible grooves allow for smooth walking and the supportive foam keeps your child walking straight and tall. The rubber is made to deliver exceptional traction as your child walks the halls of school and runs around the school yard.

Nike designed the Air Max with active kids in mind who need sturdy, functional shoes that allow them to be on their feet all day.

On another positive note, chunky sneakers are in right now and the wide variety of colors that are available to purchase the Air Max in will appeal to not only kids, but parents too!

To find different styles of the Air Max as well as baby and toddler Nike shoes, visit Footlocker.com

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