Three Overlooked Essentials for New Moms


Bringing a new baby into the world is far from an easy task and while the internet is incredibly helpful when it comes to finding products for your little one, there are often a few essentials that are overlooked.

1. A travel system- Every new mom buys a stroller and a car seat, but most moms don’t buy a travel system and that’s their biggest mistake. A travel system allows you to smoothly transfer your sleeping baby from the car to their stroller without any extra hassle. We recommend the Britax B-Safe travel system. You can save seventy dollars on it by purchasing it at Amazon.

2. Nipple Cream- Veteran moms will tell you that when you are nursing a baby for the first (or even third!) time, your nipples will be sore. This improves as time goes on and your body adjusts, but for those first few days, it’s incredibly helpful to have nipple cream on hand to soothe your chapped and aching nipples. We recommend the all natural Mother Love cream for $8.46 on Amazon.

3. Baby nail scissors- It’s absolutely terrifying to find your brand new baby with scratches on his or her face. It’s even more terrifying to try cutting those fragile fingers. These rounded nail scissors from Piyo, Piyo are only $5.85 on Amazon.

What essentials do you find are overlooked when it comes to bringing home a new baby?

Stacy Keibler’s Body Con Maxi Dress


Stacy Keibler looked adorable as she walked around Los Angeles earlier this summer. From the beginning of her pregnancy she’s shown off her adorable baby bump in flattering attire that is on point with the latest trends!

Bold prints are huge this year and were all over the runways late last year and earlier this year. Stacy is staying on top of the current trends with her Body Con tank maxi dress.

This dress isn’t originally a maternity dress, but due to the stretchable polyester and spandex fabric, it’s perfect for both pregnant and non pregnant mothers who want to add something cute to their closet this summer. Whether you’re running errands, cheering along your middle child’s soccer game, or hosting a barbecue with friends, a maxi dress is the perfect choice to remain looking fabulous, even during pregnancy!

Priced at $194 and available in sizes XS-L, this stretchable maxi dress is perfect for summer. You can find it on

Trendy Summer Fashion Tops



Sometimes a skirt is just too cute to pass up, and must be purchased in violation of one of the cardinal wardrobe rules, which is to avoid buying a component piece without a matching piece to make an outfit (either one you already own or one you are purchasing as a companion piece to the first). With this purchase comes the challenge: what to wear with the skirt?


The easiest solution is just to buy something then and there so you can evaluate fit and color, and find something that matches really well with the skirt you want. This is doubly good as you can also think about accessories, and pick out something appropriate for purchase or else use pieces comparable to what you already own to make decisions in store, before you have spent any money. This does require more of a time commitment while shopping, however.


If you’re trying to match your new favorite skirt to your existing wardrobe, things get slightly more tricky but it does afford you some wardrobe evaluation time. Start with the skirt and think about its cut, its overall style and its color, and try to get a feel for what tops you own that will really go well with the skirt, and how you can wear the skirt and top in such a way as to make both look really great on you. If the skirt is a neutral color, you can pick a top that is a brighter color or a bolder pattern (like these fashion tops from online retailer rue21) .


The opposite also applies, if the skirt has a bold pattern or is brightly colored a neutral top might be easier to match, like a white boyfriend-type button down, which would be lovely with a maxi skirt.


If you want to match a bright combination of both top and skirt, consider keeping the neutrality balance with your accessories. Waist definition is another good style choice to take into consideration when matching tops and bottoms. The decision to tuck or not can create a great balance between top and skirt, also, and an added matching belt can make all the difference. Making a great outfit from a new unmatched skirt can be a fun challenge to help you get the most out of all your wardrobe!


The CUTEST Diaper Bag for this Summer!


Petunia Picklebottom has long since been a favorite of The Fashionable Bambino. Their stylish diaper bags never fail to impress us, and their Touring Tote is no different.

The features themselves are almost as impressive as the bold print that first caught our eye! Check them out and don’t tell me you aren’t in love with all the options this bag gives you.


Well-designed interior includes 4 organizational pockets, 2 bottle or sippy cup pockets, 1 pacifier pocket
Exterior features front pocket with magnetic closure, 2 side zippered pockets for small accessories and 1 zippered back pocket with removable plush changing pad
PPB-monogrammed plastic wipes case
Custom-stamped premium hardware
Proudly PVC-Free, plush chenille interior.
Water resistant liner.
Versatile 3 carrying options: On shoulder, as cross-body, or on stroller with included Valet Stroller Clips.


This gorgeous tote is roomy enough for all your baby’s needs, while still giving you a fashionable bag to tote around. While it does come in several colors, the red and white persimmon spice shade is perfect for this summer. This bold print is in ladies!

Petunia Picklebottom’s diaper bags are always roomy and fashionable, giving mom’s the option of carrying on cute diaper bags that aren’t clunky and drab. Just because you’re a mom and haul around diapers doesn’t mean that you can’t do it in style!

To purchase the Touring Tote, visit

How to Train Your Dragon Eye Wear Launches!


With the launch of How to Train Your Dragon 2 in cinemas nation wide, comes a new line of glasses that are making eye wear cool! It can be hard to convince young children that glasses can actually be fun, and the new line of eye wear based off the How to Train Your Dragon series is making eye wear stylish!

Tesco Opticians created fourteen piece collection that have fun, colorful illustrations and designs that both boys and girls are sure to love. The frames aren’t all entirely the same either, several styles are chunky, and others are thinner.


The new school year is starting up in less than two weeks, and most kids have outgrown their glasses by now, so this line launched within perfect timing for the school year! The best part is that all glasses come with a free case, goodie bag, and 3D glasses.

The How to Train Your Dragon children’s eye wear is available exclusively at Tesco Opticians nationwide. Visit to make an appointment for your child before the new school year begins.

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