Babywearing Outfit Ideas Featuring Vanamo

Wondering what to wear with that gorgeous Vanamo Ruutu Sateenkaari Rainbow Cotton/Wool Woven Wrap? It’s easy!

Here is a colorful outfit idea to coordinate with this lovely woven wrap to keep you looking fashionable while you carry your little one in comfort.


Babywearing Outfit Idea - Vanamo


Babywearing Outfit Idea – Vanamo by thehousewife featuring Vanamo, Kohls and Jen7 Jeans

This cute gray sweater (or any neutral colored sweater) is a great place to start when building an outfit around a wrap or any baby carrier. Think comfy, cozy, warm and classic!


Pop your entire outfit with a bright purple turtleneck top! Of course, I’d choose purple because it’s my favorite color but you can choose any of the colors from your Vanamo wrap to plat around with. You could even do a neutral to match your sweater and pop with a scarf like the Nuroo Nursing Scarf instead!


Jen7 denim jeans
The most comfortable jeans you will ever find. The End. These are the jeans every fashionable mother should own because they hide your muffin tops, camouflage the belly bulge, shape your hind end, stretch and move with you all while looking great. Definitely a must-have for all you busy moms!!!


Warm, cushy socks to wear with your ankle booties! I love most things from Gap and these socks are a great basic.


Polish your nails to match whatever color you decide to go with as your pop color. You know I’ll pick purple everytime! Plus Butter London is 3-free making it a safe nail lacquer for moms.


Add some pizazz and functionality to your outfit with a wooden teething necklace for your baby to play with while wrapped or hang on to while you’re breastfeeding.


The wrap that started it all! Bright, rich colors to play with and soft cushy comfort. This is a great wrap for fall because of the cotton/wool blend. I’m in love.


The ultimate diaper bag for the busy mom that needs her diaper bag to be as fashionable as she is. So many handy compartments and the pacapod system will keep you infinitely organized.


Cobb Hill REVhex
I love these Cobb Hill REVhex booties because they feel like sneakers when you have them on. Coolest invention ever. Not only are they wicked comfortable, they are easy to get on and off. I also love the wrap-around strap that has sort of a biker vibe to it. These booties feature the exceptional comfort of New Balance’s cushioning REVlite midsole, have a lightweight and supportive EVA outsole, removable footbed and wicking Dri-Lex® lining that will make your feet happy.


What would you wear with this rainbow wrap? Tell me in the comments!

Gifts to Get Your Child That They’ll Treasure Forever


What are some gifts that you can buy your child that will last a lifetime? Everything from fine jewelry to a day’s adventure can provide cherished keepsakes and special memories. The following five gifts are a few ideas that your child will value now and in the years ahead.

One – Jewelry

Once your child moves toward double-digit birthdays, he or she will begin to appreciate the meaning of a fine piece of jewelry. A charm bracelet in particular is a great idea because once you buy one you can keep adding charms to it periodically, to mark your child’s special moments and rites of passage throughout his or her life. Michael Hill is an example of a reputable retailer whose wide diversity of charms can ensure that your gift will keep on giving and become more valuable as the years progress.

Two – A Redesigned Bedroom

More than likely, your child’s bedroom contains vestiges of an earlier era, stuffed teddies and faded blue walls. One of the most treasured gifts that you can give is an updated bedroom. Send your child off on a grandparent weekend or to a few days at camp. Paint the walls, replace bedding and curtains, and add new storage space. When your grown ‘baby’ returns, have your camera ready to register the moment of sheer delight.

Three – A Day Together

Surprise your child with a dream ‘date’. When he or she wakes up on a birthday morning, tell your kid that the day is there’s. Have your child decide where to go, and what to do. Put away your cell phones, let your hair down, and spend a rewarding day together. Whether you play tennis or go to a local theme park, this is certain to be a most treasured gift.

Four –Take Your Child (to Work)

Most children have a special dream, whether it is riding a horse, driving a race car or making a movie. Arrange to meet up with a local farrier (horse-shoer), go to the stock-car races or dance studio, visit the local lab,or ask a filmmaker to share an hour or two of their time. Children often build on this early interest. Having the chance to meet others in the field is priceless. Moreover, many adults appreciate spending time with children who value their own interests and skills.

Five – Create a Theme-based Party

The event does not have to be expensive. Put your imagination on overdrive and create a celebration that brings your child’s fantasy to life. Return to the Wild West and have friends dress in western gear. Take off into space, or dress up as storybook characters. Build the theme around a favorite movie, and create festivities that set the tone. There is a fine line between fantasy and reality for most children. ‘Traveling’ into another realm is a great way to show your child that life is full of amazing events that quickly become memorable moments.

While toys have their own value, and many are treasured for years, the gift of your time is priceless. Quality heirloom jewelry and time spent together are gifts that transcend time. Before you know it, your child will be grown. By giving unique gifts, you offer unforgettable treasures, many of which soon turn into special family traditions.


The Boba Hoodie is Perfect for Fall!


During the summer months carrying your baby is easy, but baby wearing can be a bit harder during the colder months. The Boba Hoodie is the perfect solution to this problem.

It fits over any soft carrier to keep you and your baby warm. The snug terry cotton and five percent spandex material is suitable for the fall and early winter months.

(Please remember to wear a coat over your Boba hoodie while carrying your baby during the winter months!)


My favorite part is that it doesn’t interfere with your normal carrying style! You can wear your baby on the front or the back, just like you usually would with plenty of breathing room for your little one.

The side zipper makes it easy to take the Boba Hoodie on and off without any hassle. And for those of us who breastfeed, there are side openings to allow you to nurse your baby.

Priced at an affordable seventy dollars plus tax, Boba offers free shipping and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Visit to check out their other products including baby carriers and accessories, or to purchase the Boba Hoodie.

5 (Safe) Teething Remedies for Baby


A 2012 study left the FDA informing parents not to use benzocaine to provide relief to teething infants and toddlers. Another study done this year and backed by the FDA is warning parents about the dangers of using over the counter numbing gels and liquids on babies under the age of two.

In light of this, I compiled a list of five safe teething remedies for baby that I used with my own munchkins when they were going through the dreaded teething stage.

Teething biscuits from Gerber are an age old teething remedy that works wonders. I’ve used these with my babies for years and they never fail to provide baby with something to gum on.

A large, washed and peeled carrot can be given to your wee one to suck on. The cold carrot is not only safe, but effective in soothing your baby’s gums.

A chilled pacifier is one way to soothe baby. Place several inside the refrigerator and remove one at a time when needed.

Frozen teething toys are a great option for teething babies. Simply place them in the freezer for a few hours and remove whenever needed. (Avoid freezing liquid filled toys because these can be dangerous to your baby.)

Cold wash clothes that have been dipped in ice water and given to baby to suck on can be an effective remedy. Just be sure you’re on hand while baby sucks away on the cold rag.

Kardashian Kids Collection at Babies R Us


The Kardashian moguls aren’t content to saturate every aspect of fashion for women, but now they’re storming the children’s fashion market! Their new children’s clothing line available exclusively at Babies R Us, combines everything that we love about the Kardashian’s fashion sense. It’s fashion forward, glittery, and glamorous.


The Two Pack Printed Beanie Set is perfect for babies up to nine months old. Made from the softest, boldest fabrics, they were designed so little ones can remain warm while still looking fashionable.


The Coral Fringe Booties are oh-so perfect for fall. The warm orange color will go great with jeans, or even a cute little white dress.


The Short Sleeve Peter Pan Top is reminiscent of clothing that we’ve seen North West wearing. The peter pan collar and white dress are a whimsical contrast to the bold, black accents.

The entire collection can be found in Babies R Us stores nationwide. Prices range from $10.00 to $50.00, and every item has elements of style and flair that we’ve come to expect from the Kardashian brand.

To purchase items from the collection online, please visit:

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